Miller's Marvelous Bakery
Miller's Marvelous Bakery

I'm Miller and I'm eleven years old.  I love baking, especially pies.  This is my first business and I'm very excited to share with you yummy treats!  

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The Beginning


I love apple pie so much; it is my favorite!  This past Christmas I received a special apple pie recipe and all of my own supplies so that I could make pie all by myself.  Within a week, I was making a lot of pies and everyone said how delicious they were!  I started to bring the pies and other baked treats to my friends and family.  Pretty soon people started saying that they would actually pay me to make the treats, so I started to think that maybe I could make a business.

I would much rather be baking than doing chores!  I use the money I make to buy more supplies and ingredients as well as the rental fee for the commercial kitchen that I use.  It costs $10 per hour to bake there and it's really cool because a lot of people are baking and cooking things for sale.  If I have money left over, I like to use it to make purchases in my video games, because my mom won't give me the money to do that.

So far it's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work!